Escort Jobs for Girls in Delhi

If you are a good looking girlJoin us and earn Huge then apply for escort jobs for girls and become an escort in Delhi. Every girl have her own dreams to fulfill. In the city like Delhi, A Girl need more money to live her dreams. We at Elite kaya recruit beautiful and educated girls. You can earn huge by joining us and can live all your dreams. We recruit young, interesting, sociable and charming girls. In this job you’ll meet wealthy gentlemen and get a chance to make dreams come true. Additionally you will get:

  1. Income of 5 lakhs per month
  2. Confidentiality guarantee
  3. Official employment
  4. Safety

Join us and earn Huge

escort jobs for girls in delhi

What is an Escort Jobs?

An Escort is a person who gives company to our clients for a specific time period like for sicial events and personal entertainment. At our escort agency Our escorts are educated and beautiful girls who gives company to our clients (rich and honorable gentlemen).

Gentlemen book our escort girls to spend quality time in their spare time. Our clients book escort for various social events, elite parties, expensive restaurants, night VIP clubs, sensual pleasure and business meetings. You could also travel abroad with our clients. Some clients book escort for sensual pleasure only.

In other words we can say that an escort’s job is like of a dating partner. You’ll meet rich gentlemen in this job and you have to spend time with these clients. An escort is not like a prostitute because escort do not meet man just only for sex.

These days escorts are viewed with a great deal of respect and also are treated with dignity. Most of our clients book escort just because they want to spend some quality time with a beautiful and high profile girl and that is job that you have to do with full dedication. An escort’s job is to fulfill all needs of our clients.

In Delhi, thousands of businessmen and VIPs comes daily and they book escort to spend their spare time with a high-end girl. These guys pay very good and want to keep the meeting confidential. Our agency arrange the meeting between the girl and the client.

What are the benefits of escort Job?

You don’t need a birth education to mate with us and if you have the right station and the body you’ll be hired. We always like to give beautiful women the right kind of platform for reclamation and also a safe terrain to work in.

We’ve ample vacancy throughout the time because of our adding client base and you won’t face any stiff competition in the hiring process. Every escort is treated individuality and credited for her skills.

We insure that indeed as a freshman the guests you meet will treat you well with respect and quality. We don’t compromise on that and utmost of our guests are high- class gentlemen from business and superintendent backgrounds. They surely know how to treat their women.

You can just concentrate on giving the stylish shot to your job because everything differently, like payments our agents, will be taking care of it in the background. You can work peacefully with the full assurance that you’ll be paid instantly.

We’re the stylish escort reclamation Delhi has to offer and we take care of the end-to- end requirements of both escorts and the clients. We insure the safety for them in both ways, fairly and hygiene wise.

Who is Eligible for Escort girl Job?

Every girl can apply for our female escort jobs and this job does not need any specific qualification. This job require your physical look, your style, attitude, your way of talking and walking, your standard of living and many more things that every man look for in a decent girl.

The girls who are young and beautiful can apply for our escort jobs. The more beautiful you are, the more you’ll be paid. But beauty is not the only thing that can give you more money. You should also possess other characteristics like listening, giving respect and humanity. If you are a young girl then do not waste your young days and earn big by joining us right now. Here are the requirements that an escort should have:

  1. You Must be of age of 18+.
  2. Not forced by anyone to do that job.
  3. Should have a comforting personality and candid nature.
  4. You should be Active, Interesting, Positive and Attractive.
  5. Stylish and open-minded.
  6. Enjoy the company of gentlemen.

Requirements for High Profile Escort Job in Delhi?

Being an escort in Delhi comes with lots of benefits, but there are certain conditions that we ask of you, to make sure our Delhi escort agency maintains its excellent character! All our escort girls need to be seductive with a great figure.

We ask for a nice smile and of course a gamesome and charming personality. Always be well- prepped and well- dressed, to give our guests the veritably stylish experience and time with you. Our High Profile escorts always look majestic and beautiful! Working for an escort agency is each about customer satisfaction, so we ask that you’re dependable, flexible and confident in holding yourself in a number of social situations.

Part of the Escort charm is being suitable to wow your guests with fascinating discussion and gorgeous aesthetics no matter where you are! We ask that you be punctual, reliable and most importantly, confident. We love women of all ethnicity, and so do our guests, but good English skills are a necessity.

Here are some qualities that can increase your earning:

  1. The girls between 18 to 25 of age get highly paid
  2. English speaking girls get double as compare to non English speaking girls.
  3. You’ll get more money if you have a curvy figure.
  4. Your way of talking and representing yourself can give you more clients.
  5. Eager to fulfill requirements of Client.
  6. The girls who provide rare services like BDSM, COB, COF, CIM earn huge.

Why work with us?

There are lots of agency you can work with but you can not get what you expect. The biggest challenge is finding a legitimate agency to work with. Here with us you will work with your dignity and self respect. We drags out the talent from every girl and look what she is expert in.

We provide only OutCall Service to our clients i.e. we send girls only in five star hotels and not at home or cheap hotels. So you do not have to worry about your safety and privacy.

You Will Get paid what you are worth!

Professional, Discreet, Long Running Company.

We teach the art of seduction and communication with men. We do a professional photo session for each girl, teach make-up stuff and style theory. Here you will get not only unique knowledge, but also earn enough money for realizing all your goals.We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the right information and advice

You have to work hard if you join any other agency and you will earn not such big amount that you can earn here by joining us. Our clients are rich and VVIPs and as we deal only in Independent girls, you doesn’t have to come at us. You will be called only when you have work to do and you will be called a day prior of your meeting. More reasons of joining us as a female escort are:

  1. We provide full security and safety to our girls.
  2. a thorough client vetting and blacklisting policy.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable with a client, tell us and we’ll cancel the meeting at once.
  4. You’ll get an extremely supportive management to help you anytime 24/7 beyond the job.
  5. You’ll get a welcoming and understanding environment.
  6. Working with our agency can be extremely lucrative.
  7. NO Joining Fee.
  8. Flexible timing as per your schedule.
Working conditions for girls in Delhi

Delhi is the city that makes dreams come true. if you are a young girl then don’t miss this opportunity of meeting wealthy gentlemen and get highly paid. If you are short of money and want to make quick money then this job is perfect for you. You can also do this job as a part time job if you are one of the following:

College Girls: if you are studying in college then you can do escort jobs for part time. Whether you are looking for extra cash to pay your college fees or just need that extra income, Delhi escorts jobs meet the standards. Just give us your availability and we will arrange your meeting as per your availability.

Housewife: If you are a housewife then also you can apply for our female escort jobs in Delhi. You can give us some hours in a day and we will arrange your meeting in that time period without getting anyone know.

Models: If you are a struggling Model and don’t have enough money to live life up to your standard of living then you can join us. Most of our models successfully got married and now they are fully financially supported. Our agency has strong safety, confidentiality and high pay guarantees.

Independent Girls: If you are a good looking and stylish girl residing in Delhi alone then you have this once in a lifetime opportunity. You can earn big along with keeping your social life as it is. Work with us as an independent escorts in delhi on weekends and anytime suitable to you. Earn money to live a luxurious life and spend this money on shopping, travel, buying a home, a nicer car, travel or pay off your credit card debt or student loans. Whatever is your individual reason, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

How to Apply for escort girl job?

Its a simple procedure for applying for this job. If you want to become a part of our agency then you have to contact us. If you are a fresher and don’t know how to apply for this job then read the following procedure carefully.

  1. Call us on 8750516527 or You can chat with us on Whatsapp.
  2. You can also apply for this job through email. Send us your details and pics on
  3. We need some of your details like your age, height, weight, your figure , qualification, ethnicity.
  4. We need your recent photos so we can decide whether you are suitable for this job or not.
  5. After reviewing your photos, we’ll talk to you on phone or Whatsapp.
  6. After this, we’ll start giving you work as per your availability.

NOTE: We don’t spread your pics on internet or to clients. We send similar photos to our clients. All of our clients are notable gentlemen and they respect girl’s privacy.

How Much you can Earn with female Escort Jobs?

It depends on you only.

The earning of an escort depend on her look, style, way of talking and many more qualities that we had discussed above.

It also depend on your availability. If you work as a full time escort and give us 24 hours availability then you can earn maximum.

Escorts are paid on per meeting bases. We work on 50-50 bases with every escort and our meetings starts from INR 20000 minimum to INR 5 lakhs .

Responsibility to Clients

  1. The first thing is to serve guests happily and make their dreams come true.
  2. You should keep the agencies interests complete with client.
  3. You’ll provide a luxury GFE (total girlfriend like experience) to every client.
  4. Satisfy the fetish solicitations and all other sensual needs of the guest.
  5. Always respect every client as clients are like Gods.
  6. You should always be dedicated to please your client in any situation.
  7. You should tackle the clients in the way client wants.

The Action Plan to Start Escort Jobs in Delhi

Fresher girls don’t know how to start this job.Here is the step by step procedure to start and become a high-end escort.

  1. Before trying to start Female Escort jobs.,Identify the right escorts agency by contacting them through internet.
  2. Clear all the concerns with the admins of the agency. Please clear all things like what you can do and what you can not do with the clients.
  3. Purchase some good dresses so that you can directly enter in the five star hotels.
  4. Have dedication towards your job and show your availability as soon as you get free from your social life.
  5. Have a mind on the exit plan well in advance.
  6. Create an alias name and phone number to conceal your identity.
  7. Keep protection always in the hand purse and advocate safer sex. When so over, If there is trouble, Have a mind to walk out of the room immediately .
  8. Never make personal relations with the client, it looks good in earlier days but it can be dangerous for your social life after.
  9. Make transparent relationship with both the client and the escorts agency. Never cheat with the agency you are working with.
  10. Live two lives of a normal girl and the vagabond lady. Principally, as two separate lives and never to combine both as the healthy lady life is more a secure and safest one in the longer run.
  11. Similarly, Never to be carried away by the money. I am doing as an escort. Living a simple life with savings as a priority for the rainy days ahead.
  12. Moreover, Never to reveal any private information that may reveal identity to the client for whatsoever matter of concern.

NOTE: To conclude, follow Step 6 in the most pious and dedicated manner.


  • We get Reliable and regular clients from a reputable escort agency.
  • We get paid well for the services we offer.
  • Protection from legitimate threats.
  • Verified and Genuine Clientele.
  • Assured Monthly Income.
  • Secured Feeling assured with colleagues.
  • Daily work

It depends on your look, style, way of talking and many other things. Please read above for more details.

We provide service only in 5 star hotels and our clients are highly reputed businessmen and VIPs. So your safety is ensured with us.

You’ll paid directly by the client when you meet him.

All meetings are confidential and we never disclose your real identity to anyone.

YES you can. Just give us your availability and we will arrnage your meeting as per your availability.

Yes you can. Just tell us when you are available and we will give you work when we get one.

Its not mandatory but it can increase your earning.

Yes of course. many girls had quit this job after achieving their goals. Many girls have successfully got married and now they are fully financially supported.

Well, we tell our girls to tackle all situations but if you think the situation out of control, you can leave the room immediately. After that we will handle the situation. We keep our girl as our priority over the client.


Hi Kaya, hope you are doing well. Thanks for your help when i was in need of money. It would be all different if you were not there. I am settled now very well. Thank you once again.
Former Escort

I joined Elite Kaya in June 2021 and I earned INR 7 Lakhs in 2 Months. Now I am married. I am thankful to all person of the agency.
Former Escort

I was in need of money and i earned a quick money from there. I worked only for 6 months and now I am doing job in a MNC in Gurgaon. Thanks for the support.
Former Escort