• All pics given below are real and not edited.
  • She is not a regular working girl, She is a high-profile independent girl.
  • She will not do any sexual activity in which she is not comfortable. Please don't force her.
  • Please check the rates before booking
  • Don't bargain over the rates, price are fixed.
  • It may take an hour or more for the girl to reach your hotel room because all girls leave their homes only when they get confirmation. So please have some patience.
  • Give her respect and she will give you more than your expectations.

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She is available for Out-calls only

have you ever met a genuine and very high profile independent escort in Delhi?

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Kaya is a beauty queen with full of natural beauty inside her. What makes her the best independent escort in Delhi is not only her charm but the characteristics that she possesses inside her. Her way of talking, her services, her way of doing love everything is special. And you will know more about her once you meet her in real.

I’m delighted you’ve chanced upon me. You’ll soon come to find that I bring passion to all aspects of my life and should you wish to spend moments together, it will be gifted to you as well. I consider myself an independent mature escort with the unique talents of a tantric masseuse and sensual mistress, based within the heart of Delhi.

I found myself thinking of all the qualities an escort must possess to be considered high class. To be a high class mature independent escort, I firmly believe one must possess the following:

A high class MILF escort does not require stimulants or depressants in excess to enjoy the booking. They must take great care of their figure and health. They must know how to present themselves in most any social situation, including on e-on-one bookings. They should, if independent, have websites that are well maintained, accompanied with up-to-date photos and information. Further, a high class escort is polite, beautiful company and is well versed in a wide range of topics. They must possess a healthy sex drive and an elaborate, full collection of clothing, lingerie, heels and boots for all occasions. They would ideally be graced with a likeable and charismatic character and able to establish reasonable boundaries. Importantly, they would not tolerate any poor manners from clients, friends and acquaintances alike.

Above all, they should be reliable, punctual and have at least a few positive reviews from reputable clientele. Being an upscale, classy companion requires a certain X-factor to make her all the more appealing.

My preferences are varied; I love day jaunts just as important I do late gloamings. A perfect day would immaculately include going around the megacity, doing intriguing and instigative effects together, kissing in romantic places, smoothly stroking you in public just enough to keep you on the edge.

For regale and gloamings out, I love to dress up with only the veritably stylish apparel that plutocrat can buy. I've a fetish for high end lingerie which I love nothing further than to show off draped over my busty but slender figure.
Reserving me is easy. I'm available for sessions of varied types and durations. Asking a dark Dominatrix or kittenish mind? Depending on your wants, I'm happy to touch into that mischievous hand of my personality.

Make your booking with me as soon as you arrive in Delhi or you may lose a chance to press your lips against mine. I'm a estimable, gorgeous, independent Delhi companion.

Gentlemen who appreciate warm and genuine fellowship always feel privileged and satisfied in chancing that I adore and take great pride with my chosen career. If you're looking for a gal experience or maybe commodity froward also I believe our interests will align magically.

Wanting to know a little further? I'm a Gemini with a sincere and open heart who's suitable to acclimate to the numerous tastes and personalities I encounter; protean, sexy, dependable, fun, down to earth, emotionally intelligent, sociable, understanding and non-judgmental are all the ways others have described me. My good name means the world to me, I flatter myself on treating others with kindness, respect and honesty. I'm natural, eloquent with estimable badinage having lived in Australia for utmost of my nonage-with an unappeasable desire for raw carnal passion and sportful hassles.

My appearance? Though I'm a trained makeup artist, I prefer the minimum makeup look. My hair is long flowing, silk-suchlike with shimmers of light brown and natural honey highlights. I've voluptuous good aesthetics, doe-suchlike suggestive eyes, white, healthy teeth and sun- kissed skin. Rest assured, I'll be an enviable, but separate and credible companion on your arm where ever we may venture to.


*Kindly don't ask me any questions of an intimate or sexual nature previous to our in person relaxation, for the security and peace of mind of us both.

* Be set to answer my questions similar as what my freights are and other important details listed on this point. This is to establish that you're informed and genuine and allows us to enjoy each other without walls or query.
* Do be immediate, our booking starts on the time we agreed and take careful note to my textbook directions as my neighbours won’t appreciate unanticipated callers ringing their bell.

* It's important to have my freights ready to give me within the first 5 twinkles without prompt or request.
* Please insure you're dressed meetly, of impeccable hygiene and sober upon appearance.

* You'll be offered a shower before we begin to warm to each other, kindly accept and enjoy this time to relax and decompress.