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Are you aware of all sexual services?

Do you know the short code used in escort services and their meaning?

If not then we are listing here all sexual terms with their meanings. We are not listing them just because you don’t know them, we are listing them here because our escort girls provide them.

YES, our escorts provide all these services. Whatever your requirements are, going to fulfill here.

Escorts often use the phrase ‘standard service’ to describe the basic or standard set of services the client is offered for a booking. For example, some brothels include a massage, oral and penetrative sex in the standard service whereas others may only include penetrative sex as the standard service.

On the other hand, ‘extras’ is used to define any services you provide outside of the standard service which may incur an additional charge. clients can openly try out fantasies in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment, and escorts and call girls can benefit financially from increasing the range of services that they provide.

Let us explain each and every sexual terms with their meaning so that you can ask any of these desires with us.

Sexual terms and their meaning

  1. A / A-Levels: Expression used to refer to anal sex. This can be with either a man or woman
  2. At discretion : All services offered by Delhi escorts are at the discretion of the lovely ladies. It really all depends on the client, as every client is different. So long as the client has high standards of hygiene and is respectful with a good attitude, he’ll be in for a very exciting time with a lady who is comfortable and secure to do her job to the very best of her abilities.
  3. Body rub – this is the same as an erotic massage
  4. Body slide – usually a part of an erotic massage service. When the client is naked, face down, the sex worker will slide their naked body along the client’s body
  5. Blowjobs: (oral on a penis, fellatio, giving head, sucking off and French) There are many different terms for oral sex, and these vary between regions, so it is important to establish what your client is referring to, and what services you offer. It is common to differentiate between oral sex to ejaculation and oral sex as part of foreplay, for example a client may request “oral to completion” or “full French,” which generally means oral sex to ejaculation; “part French” is generally just oral stimulation. Conversely, in some areas “French” refers to oral without a condom and “oral” or “head” are used to describe oral with a condom. “Natural” and “bareback blowjob” (BBBJ) refer to oral sex without a condom. Some clients may request “cum in mouth” (CIM), “cum on face” (COF) or swallowing.
  6. Body Contact Massage : (erotic massage and body slide) This type of massage excites the client through direct body to body contact. The client lies face down on the bed and you straddle them, sitting on top of their bum. Slowly you press and move or slide your body over their back. If you press firmly the client will feel your breasts, nipples and/or penis. It may make the service more erotic if you make ‘sexy’ noises.
  7. BDSM : Formally known as Sadomasochism (sm, s/m or s&m.), it is now an umbrella term for kinky sex. It is a combination of bondage and discipline (bd), dominance and submission (ds) and sadomasochism (sm). This is a very popular movement with many followers; plenty of people indulge in such fantasies and activities, there are many clubs and websites devoted to this subject.
  8. Being filmed for additional fee (face covered): Your very own Porn experience! For an additional fee, the escort will allow you to film her saucy antics, provided the ladies face is covered and not visible. Please note that filming services are only available as long as the camera is not directly facing the escorts face. Films are for personal use only; you will be required to sign a legally binding contract stating so.NOTE: Please note filming service is available with face not direct to camera (or covered face) for personal use only.
  9. Bi-sexual: Someone who is attracted to, and engages in sexual conduct with members of both sexes.
  10. CBT: Cock and Balls Torture
  11. CIF: Come in face, otherwise known as the “money-shot” in the porn industry.
  12. CIM: Come in mouth. Oral sex to completion.
  13. COB:Cum On Body
  14. Deep Throat: When a man’s entire erect penis is inserted deep into a woman’s mouth and into the throat.
  15. DFK : “Deep French Kissing”  Kissing deeply with tongues.
  16. DFK at discretion : “Deep French Kissing” Kissing deeply with tongues at discretion.
  17. Dirty talk : Normally an extremely graphic commentary of whatever sexual activity is occurring, usually used to turn a client on further.
  18. Domination and submission D/S, D&S : Used for erotic enhancement, one partner uses consensual empowerment for the other partner. In SM, dominance and submission are the psychological and emotional underpinnings. Can sometimes include physical conduct of a violent nature, which is perfectly acceptable as long as all parties involved are consenting adults.
  19. Dominatrix : A female companion whose sole activity is to dominate and often humiliate their subjects, they are known as Mistresses. There is rarely any sexual activity between mistresses and their subjects except if the client is ordered to service the mistress in any way she sees appropriate.
  20. Double penetration / DP : When a woman is simultaneously penetrated in her vagina and her anus. Can be with 2 guys or 1 guy and a toy.
  21. Duo , Threesome: When a client requires a duo to participate in a threesome. This can either be a combination of two women, a man and a woman or two men.
  22. Facesitting: Having a woman sit in your face, with or without her knickers on. Also known as Queening
  23. Fingering, Fisting, Fist-fucking (in the anus or the vagina): This involves inserting the fingers, the hand, or more, into the vagina or anus.
  24. Facial: Ejaculating on a woman’s face. Not always offered by escorts especially on shorter bookings as they have to re-do their make up before the next booking.
  25. FK: French kissing lips only. No tongues in mouth
  26. GFE: Girlfriend Experience – an escort experience like being with a real girlfriend. There is no agreed list of services included, but you expect kissing or DFK, oral sex and full sex. It does not include the more adventurous services you would expect from a PSE or fetish services.
  27. Heterosexual : One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions for members of the opposite sex.
  28. Homosexual :One who has significant sexual desires towards members of the same sex like lesbian and gay.
  29. Incall: In this, the escort is staying in her apartment or her home and there you visit her. You does not need to book a hotel here.
  30. Outcall: here the escort visits you either at your hotel room or at the destination where you call her. It can be your private home also. In this, you have to pay taxi fare also.
  31. OWO : Oral WithOut [condom]. Its an unprotected or uncovered oral session, but not till completion.
  32. Party Girl: A prostitute who enjoys going in night clubs and parties. this type of Escorts usually use drugs.
  33. PSE: Porn Star Experience – this is a more adventurous, raunchy experience with an escort with which usually includes deep throat or gagging, and maybe anal sex. Quite often escorts offering this service will charge more than GFE escorts. These girls work in porn movies also.
  34. Rimming: Licking, kissing, tonguing or sucking your partner’s anus in order to gain and/or give sexual pleasure.
  35. Roleplay\Roleplaying: Dressing up and acting out a scenario for sexual gratification. The escort dresses up in fantasy costume, e.g. nurse, secretary, schoolgirl etc, in order to fulfill a certain sexual fantasy.
  36. Spanking : Striking or paddling a submissive partner on the bum. In escort service the client strikes on escort’s bum with a strip or leather hunter calmly.
  37. Strap-on : A prosthetic penis attached to the body by a strap. This can be used by either a man or a woman on either a man or a woman. perfect for those man who afraid of pre ejaculation.
  38. Striptease – amateur : If you want an escort that can move her hips sensually or grind her booty provocatively, then this for you. Ideal for clients who would like a companion for the clubs or just a private dance in the bedroom. The girl who perform this act is called as Strippers.These escorts are classically trained in the art of ballet, jazz. These escorts are very flexible and limber.
  39. Submissive service : Some of our escorts like to play light submissive games (for an additional fee).
  40. SWALLOW : For an additional fee the escort would love to swallow every drop of your sperm.
  41. Tie & Tease : Light bondage, being teased sexually whilst being tied up and/or blindfolded.
  42. Toys : Used for giving or receiving pleasure of a sexual nature. Fore example, vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, cock rings, butt plugs etc. There is an extremely wide range of sex toys available on the market.
  43. Watersports: The act of urinating on someone or being urinated on. Watersports can also involve urine drinking. This usually entails the escort urinating over the client or the client watching whilst she urinates.
  44. 69 : This is where both partners simultaneously perform oral sex on each other in SIX NINE position.The girl sucks man’s pennis and the boy sucks girl’s vagina..